Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are so happy to finally start our blogging journey after thinking about it for years.

Who we are:
I am Julie and my husband's name is Rob. I call him Rob the Builder since he makes my ideas come to life! We live in Northern California and bought our 1970's ranch home in 2013. Over the last several years we have renovated almost every space in our home. We are true weekend warriors. We hired professionals for some of the larger projects but we have taught ourselves over the years with the help of YouTube and blogs like this! We want to share our love of DIY and home decor to give people the encouragement to start DIYing!

What we hope to share:
We hope to share the projects we have done so far  along with  new projects we plan to do. Whether it was hiring a professional or doing it ourselves, there are always tips and tricks that we have learned that can help you with your projects. We will share our living room/family room/kitchen renovation from how we came up with the design to how we found our contractor. We will share our furniture builds like a console table, farmhouse table and even our outdoor kitchen. We can't wait to share what we have done and will be doing. Our goal is to encourage you to start your own projects! If we can do it, so can you!