DIY Succulent Wall

One of my favorite DIY projects is our succulent wall! You will see succulents all over our home and I wanted some way to really highlight them. Holly @ourfauxfarmhouse inspired our indoor version of a succulent wall and the Crate & Barrel hooks I found for only $5.50 each prompted me to finally do it ourselves! I am notoriously frugal so I typically only buy things if it's on sale and I am a very good negotiator (which is why I am a great Realtor too! 😜). Below is a list of the materials and tools needed to do this project.

Materials Needed:
  • 4- 1 X 6 or 8 X 6 Douglas Fir, Redwood or Cedar Wood for the "wall" (Tip: You can use fancy wood like we did (Mahogany) if you want to pay a little more. We used scraps from my Uncle’s cabinet shop so they was free!)
  • 1- 1 X 1 X 6 for the Trim (We splurged for Birch Wood but I think the much cheaper Douglas Fir would of looked just as good after sanding and staining 😉)
  • 8- Wall Planter Hooks (From Crate & Barrel linked here)
  • 8- Planters
  • Assorted Succulent Plants (From Home Depot linked here)
  • Miniwax Wood Stain (A quart is more than enough; I like the stain Early American but you can get what you like! They are cheap and a little goes a long way so buy a few and try them out.)
  • Craft foam brush for staining and a towel for sipping stain (I like these from Amazon linked here)
  • Gloves for staining (They stain your hands otherwise!)
  • Picture Hanging Kit that supports at least 50 lbs (preferably 100 lbs)
Tools Needed:
Step 1:
Decide what size you want the planter. We went with a 5 X 5 to fit 8 wall planter hooks. You could go smaller or bigger if you want! Just adjust your supplies as needed based on the size you make it.

Step 2:
Cut each of  the 1 X 6 or 8 X 6 or wood pieces to 32 inches. At the end you should have 4, 32 inch wood pieces of wood that will be screwed together.

Step 3:
Add at least 2 pocket holes (or 3) to each piece of 32 inch wood board to join each piece of wood together.

Step 4: 
Screw pocket hole screws into the pocket hole to join the wood pieces together.

Step 5:
(Optional) Cut trim pieces at 45 degree angles to trim out the boards. It just gives it a more finished look!

Step 6:
Sand all the wood on your new DIY Wall Planter so it’s smooth to the touch.

Step 7:
Wipe it down so that all the sanded particles and cleared off. Apply Miniwax stain using gloves. Evenly apply stain using a craft brush. I like to use these because they are cheap and can be thrown away after a single use. After stain is applied, wipe down access stain with a lint free towel.

Step 8:
After the stain dries, arrange wall planter hooks where you would like them to be screwed in. It may be easiest to measure the whole piece and equally divide measurements so everything is even. Also us a level to ensure the hooks are screwed in straight!  Install each planter hook.

Step 9:
After planter hooks are installed, attach a picture bracket hook and line to the back of the planter wall.  It will be VERY heavy once plants are installed so be sure to buy a picture hanger wire that supports at least 100 lbs.

Step 10:
Find the stud on the wall where you want to install the planter wall and hang it. Add in planters into each hook. Fill with succulent dirt and succulents and you are done!

This really is a good project to start with if you have some of the basic tools.  I love the finished product, don’t you?!