Basic Tools Everyone Needs!

Tools are now one of my favorite things to buy! Why you might ask? Because new tools, means new projects!! 😇

Here are a few tool staples you need for most projects.

1. A good drill!
  • I can't stress the importance of a good drill. For years we used hand-me-downs and yard sale drills. There is certainly nothing wrong with used tools, but we never had a strong fully functional drill until just a couple years ago and our new one makes a HUGE difference. 
  • Ryobi is a good starter brand and one of the cheaper brands but we prefer Dewalt. Many contractors use Dewalt brand so we know its going to sustain our week warrior projects!
  • We have a Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact 1/2 in. Drill Drive
2. Measuring Tape and Speed Square
  • Of course a measuring tape is a given, but having a good measuring tape that shows the fraction on the tape makes a huge difference when you are tired and your brain stops working for math. This happens to me often, especially when we work late into the night trying to get done as much as we can. 💗
  • I had never even heard of a speed square before a few years ago. Speed squares are what you use to ensure your marked line on the board you are cutting is straight which in turn ensures you have a precise cut! 
  • Here is link to a speed square.
3. Corded Miter Saw
  • A miter saw is key for all projects! You have to be able to cut the wood to custom make pieces to size. Using a hand saw just won't cut it. 
  • We used a corded Craftsman Miter Saw we bought at a yard sale for $25 for MANY of our projects. It wasn't until recently we splurged and bought a  Dewalt 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw on Lowes "Special Buy".  The old one worked just fine but the new one is on point! 💥💣
  • The sliding compound part is not essential if you are just starting out. What that means is that you can cut much wider pieces of wood (up to 14 inches wide) which is much wider than your typical lumber.
4. Pneumatic Brad Nail Gun 

  • The brad nail gun is super helpful for finish work. We have use it for almost every project we have done. It also makes projects so much faster. I couldn't imagine having to manually nail in finish nails for all these projects. They are between $70 and $300 and totally worth it! The more expensive $300 nailer uses a battery instead of a air compression. Or your could be a corded nailer for less and buy an air compressor too
These are four good starter tools that will more than pay for themselves from they money saved from hiring someone since YOU will be DIYing!