DIY Address Sign

This was a simple one day project and it has earned the most attention on our Instagram account (@NorCalDIYers). We shared a quick tutorial in our highlights but this blog post will have more of the details.

Materials Needed:
Tools Needed:
  • Brad Nailer
  • Galvanized finish nails for brad nailer- galvanized do best outside in the elements!
  • Level 
  • Miter  Saw for cutting all the wood
  • Sander and sand paper
  • Paint brush for applying the stain - Get mineral spirits to clean the bush if you plan on re-using the brush again later!
  • Table saw to cut the bottom piece of the board and top trim piece
Step 1: Once you've gathered all your supplies, dig two holes for the two posts. You want your posts to be at least 1.5 to 2 feet deep. Since it isn't a fence or supporting much, its probably a little overkill bit we wanted it to be sturdy!

Step 2: Cut your 4 X 4 posts to size and add them to the holes. Ensure the holes and posts are level before you add the concrete. 

Step 3: Quikrete concrete fast setting is super fast drying and doesn't require mixing so all you have to do is add the concrete to the hole a little at a time and add some water. Follow the directions on the bag but it is easy! Literally, you just have to add water-- like a chia pet! 😋

Step 4: Before the concrete sets, do a final check to ensure the post are level vertically and horizontally. The concrete sets in 20 minutes but before you add pressure to the posts they recommend it dry for at least a couple hours.
Tip: Add a scrap board across the top  and put your level on the board to ensure it is level!

Step 5: Once the posts are set, measure the distance from one end of the post to the other end. This measurement should be the same all the way down but life's not perfect, so check the measurement before each cut! We chose to miter the ends for a more finished look but straight cuts would work too!

Step 6: Once the boards are cut, attach each board to the wall starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. Secure the boards using the brad nailer. Each board should have at least two nails securing the boards horizontally to each post. 

Step 7: Once you get to the bottom of the sign, you may have to cut the fence board down  so the width fits. You can design the wall so that you can skip this step if your measurements are spot on and you dont' have a table saw! 

Step 8: Cut side trim pieces to cover the 4 X 4 posts. We mitered these pieces so they fit together like a puzzle piece. I recommend you take the extra time to do this if you have the cutting skills! 

Step 9: Repeat steps 6 and 7 and attach boards to the other side of the wall. 

Step 10: Now the sign should have wood on all four sides creating one cohesive sign! Since we purchased redwood picket fence boards to save money, they were super rough so we had to sand them down before staining. 

Step 11: Once sanded until its smooth to the touch, wipe down the wood and apply the stain. I like to use a paint brush and apply stain to one board at a time. It dries quick so try to avoid having the stain drip or go onto the next board unless you are ready to stain it quickly after you start. 

Step 12: Once the sign is stained and dried, attach your address numbers. Have fun with it and put it wherever you want! I put my numbers to the side so that I could add some succulents. :)  We added a spotlight solar light too so people can see the address numbers at night too! 

We love how it turned out and how simple it was. Comment below if you have any questions! Good luck!