One Room Challenge Part 1: New Floor and Shiplap Wall


We finished our makeover for the one room challenge! It turned out even better than I imagined and we no use this space all the time. It was perfect timing with COVID because it makes a perfect office for Rob to work during the week. 

Our first step was to rip out the carpet. I am not a fan of carpet since we have THREE dogs. (Yes, we are "those" cray dog people and I would have it any other way! 😀)  We went with the flooring we have everywhere else in the house. We wanted the whole house to feel cohesive and we know the laminate will stand up to the dog's long nails. The flooring is called "Mustang" from the American Cavalier collection from Republic Flooring. I love the wide planks and the texture variation that make it look like real wood. 

After the flooring was installed it was time to start the accent wall. Who doesn't love a good accent wall?! And we went with none other than, you guessed it, shiplap! But this time, we took a more modern twist to it and installed it vertically. Since the rest of the room was painted a dark grey already, we decided to keep the shiplap white. We used the Pac Trim nikel gap shiplap from Home Depot. 

The tricky part of the accent wall was the attic space door. I believe they call it a knee-wall attic access. We wanted to make it look almost hidden. We used hidden hinges (we got from Rockler Woodworking). Hidden hinges are actually quite a lot of work and it took us way longer than it should of but it looks fabulous. In retrospect, because the door opens outward, a piano hinge would of worked well for a semi-hidden look and a much more simple install. It turned out perfect and we love the hidden look. We just needed to make our DIY desk and DIY picture ledge to finish the look of the room. See part 2 of the post for how we made those two items. Thanks for following along!