The DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans!

I've documented several blog posts about Rob and I's outdoor kitchen. We based it on a kitchen design we found on the "Lowes" website. Lowe's had a series called "Creative Ideas" where they used to provide plans for DIY projects. This outdoor kitchen was one of their features but they have since removed the plans from their site. I get several requests a month from people that have seen our blog posts and want to build an outdoor kitchen too. While our blog posts share the overall process, it doesn't provide specific measurements as we created our outdoor kitchen custom to our space. So, while I love that I meet so many great people that want a copy of the plans, I wanted to post them here for those of you that want to also try and create your very own outdoor kitchen!
Please Note: While I do have the PDF copy of the plans, I know I for one don't download files off the internet so I will just paste the images below of each of the pages and you can print the screenshots below!

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:
Page 4:
Page 5:
Page 6:
Page 7:
Page 8:
Page 9:
That's it! These are the beloved outdoor kitchen plans. Happy building and please tag us on Instagram if you build it. 😏